Nurse Entrepreneur

What Does a Nurse Entrepreneur Do?

Nurse entrepreneurs use their nursing education and business skills to employ themselves, and take on the responsibilities involved in creating a business, such as organization and management. They can work on business ventures within the health care industry, and even establish, promote and run their own companies. Using their creativity and knowledge, they carry out entrepreneurial efforts including the development of medical devices, computerized systems, and home health products. Not operating under a specific employer, they can also work independently and provide a variety of nursing services, such as patient care, nursing education, home health and consulting services. Nurse entrepreneurs have to be observant in order to find business opportunities to take advantage of, even if it means personal, professional or financial risk. Not only do these types of nurses have to have the ability to develop good ideas, they also must be business-savvy and know how to find the funding, right marketing niche and a consistent customer base to make the idea a success.

How Can I Become a Nurse Entrepreneur?

If you don’t want to spend most of your nursing career working in a traditional nurse setting like a hospital or clinic, you may have more options than you think. Those who want to become nurse entrepreneurs must first earn a bachelor’s or associate degree in nursing, or a diploma from a nursing program. After successfully completing a nursing program, you will need to take the NCLEX-RN exam to become licensed to practice. In order to truly understand the needs of the nursing industry and opportunities within it, you will want to spend a few years gaining relevant nursing experience. Nurses work directly with patients and see first-hand the services they require as well as what types of problems exist that are in need of solutions. You don’t have to be certified to be an entrepreneur, but depending on what type of ventures you want to pursue relevant training and education can be beneficial. One thing is for sure — if you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you are going to need to learn basic business skills whether it’s through formal or self-education.

What Is the Career and Salary Outlook for a Nurse Entrepreneur?

More and more nurses are now enjoying the many benefits of self-employment. Not only are they still able to experience the satisfaction of caring for patients, but they are also able to have more control over their careers by deciding for themselves when and where they work. Not only can nurse entrepreneurs be business owners, but they can also be independent nurse contractors, setting the terms of their own services and negotiating their salary. Many opportunities are available to nurses who want to contract out their services in healthcare facilities, such as hospitals, nursing homes, rehab centers and doctor’s offices. While not as certain, a career as a nurse entrepreneur can be more profitable than standard nursing positions. According to PayScale, the salary of a registered nurse ranges from $46,818 to $67,106 annually, but can vary depending on location, experience and company. While having the same credentials, nurse entrepreneurs may be able to earn more as they can work as little or as much as they would like and be involved with as many ventures as they can handle.