The 100 Best Blogs For Pharmacy Students


July 22nd, 2009

By Kitty Holman

In the midst of the deepest recession in generations, hoards of students are flocking to degree paths with secure, high paying futures. Recent figures have shown enrollment in engineering and math programs are up at universities across the U.S. As healthcare costs boom and the number of Americans on prescription drugs increases, pharmacy’s future looks bright. Here are the 100 best blogs for pharmacy students.

Blogs From Pharmacy Students For Pharmacy Students

Perhaps the best advice comes from your peers. They’re going through the same things as you but with a different perspective. Check out these blogs by pharmacy students on their lives and what it’s like to study more than they sleep.

  1. Secundum Artem: A blog from a pharmacy student about the nature of the science as well as philosophy and art.
  2. Pharm Barbie: Musings on a very pink background, this blogger is also a college student that also works in a chain pharmacy. Unique insight from a typical pharmacy student.
  3. Monash University Presents: Ask A Student: The pharmacy department of Australian Monash University offers this blog to students interested in becoming pharmacy students. Especially great for those looking to study abroad.
  4. OSU Financial Aid Blog: Managed by The Ohio State University, this helpful blog discusses the nuances of obtaining financial aid for pharmacy majors.
  5. A Day At the Pharmacy: A quirky blog from a small town pharmacy in the rural United Kingdom. Focused toward students and issues relating to education.
  6. Retail Pharmacy, Life and General Lunacy: Meet Mike. Mike is a pharmacist and grad student blogging about issues in healthcare, pharmacy and education.
  7. UCSF Student Stories: Blogs from students at the University of California at San Francisco about being a pharmacy student.
  8. The Angry Intern: Internships are increasing becoming an integral part of the student experience. This blog details the trials and tribulations of being an intern in a hospital.
  9. PharmApplicants: A blog for pre-pharmacy students. Interesting insight for those looking to become pharmacy majors.
  10. I’m (Going To Be) a Pharmacist, Not a Psyhic: Whenever you learn something useful friends, family and pushy strangers will try and milk your valuable skill for free. This blog details the frustrations of a pharmacy student and the constant questioning they endure from patients and friends.
  11. I Want To Be A Pharmacist…: Rather than describing the frustrations of the craft, this blogger writes about his passion for being a pharmacist.
  12. UB School of Pharmacy: A series of blogs from pharmacy students at the University of Buffalo. Great for those with questions about pharmacy school admissions.
  13. The Pharmacy Kid: A pharmacy junior, the Kid is active and offers lots of advice. He often discusses the minimal role new social media plays in pharmacy.
  14. IPSA Student Association Blog: The official blog of the Island College of Technology Pharmacy Student Association. Snapshots of the lives of pharmacy students.
  15. NCPA Student Affairs: The National Community Pharmacists Association blog has great information about industry news and scholarships.
  16. Drake University Student Life Blogs: Yet another series of blogs detailing the lives of students at a university pharmacy program. In a surprising twist, however, the pharmacy students at Drake University are surprisingly funny.

See What the Future Holds

Learning to be a pharmacist in college tells aspiring students little about the daily grind of actual pharmacists. A number of pharmacists are angry and disgruntled but a few are extremely passionate about the work they do. Here are the best blogs by current pharmacists about their job.

  1. The Angry Pharmacist: Highly opinionated posts about the everyday life of a pharmacist. Though well-reasoned, The Angry Pharmacist occasionally earns his namesake with pointless venting.
  2. The Pharmacy Blog: From the Missouri Pharmacy Association, a series of blogs from pharmacists about the industry in the “Show Me” state.
  3. And You Wonder Why Your Pharmacist Never Smiles: The mind of a “pissed-off” pharmacist poured onto the Web. This blogger has been active for a couple of years now giving a wonderfully quirky view of a range of topics like cold season and swine flu.
  4. USPharmD: This resource for pharmacy schools offers a great list of blogs offering advice and a view behind the counter of your local pharmacy.
  5. Jim Plagakis. Pharmacist.: An active blogger focusing on modern pharmacy, pharmacy technicians and the trouble with insurance.
  6. Your Pharmacist May Hate You: There seems to be a lot of anger among blogger pharmacists. Posts are well focused, thought provoking and angry, much better than other ranting and raving blogs.
  7. Ole’ Apothecary: For philosophical musings on the nature of pharmacy, check out this well written blog by this Texas-based pharmacist.
  8. Pharmacy Chick: The “chick” has more than 22 years in pharmacy and says she remembers “rolls of tape and when everybody paid in cash.” Lots of experience means lots of insights.
  9. Thoughts from the Pharmacy God: An experienced pharmacist who discusses current issues from Obama’s healthcare plan to pharmacist’s right to a concealed handgun. Odd but a surprisingly fascinating.
  10. Fast Food Pharmacy: A group of pharmacists contributes to create this blog chronicling the quirks and hilarity at your local pharmacy.
  11. The Blonde Pharmacist: Like many math and science based industries, pharmacy is a field dominated by men. Get a woman’s perspective at this clever blog written by this experienced, blond.
  12. White Coat Rants: Tales from the research side of the pharmaceutical game.
  13. Pharmer Jane: Not every pharmacist works at a fluorescent lit, retail outlet. A few, like Pharmer Jane, work at locally owned, independent pharmacies.
  14. Best Pharmacy Tips: With so many angry and ticked off pharmacists, it’s nice there’s a blogger out there willing to remind the industry how to better serve patients.
  15. The Diabetes Pharmacist: This blogger offers specific advice for dealing with common questions about diabetes, an increasingly common condition as obesity rates increase.
  16. A lot of students don’t test very well. This compassionate blog recognizes the shortcomings of the testing process and offers solutions.

Keeping Up with Industry News

Education is a continuing process especially with a highly skilled and specialized industry like pharmacy. Changes in technology and science are voluminous and difficult to keep up with. These blogs will help you keep up with distracting you from your school work.

  1. pharmLand: An aggregator of pharmacy blogs to ease the fuss of sorting through the muck on your own.
  2. Pharmacy World: A blog about corporate pharmacy culture written by a tech. Interesting view of the ivory town… from the ground floor.
  3. AccessDezine: Clinical information can be hard to come by sometimes. Check out this blog seeking to increase access to peer-reviewed articles.
  4. Pharmacy A constant stream of updates about news in the pharmaceutical industry.
  5. A Senior Care Pharmacist’s Blog: A pharmacist consultant who specializes in geriatric care explains the dangers of medication including recently released drugs.
  6. Pharmacist: Posts covering topics effecting the cost of modern healthcare.
  7. BlogPharm: A blog where pharmacists and tech can post their stories and gossip about news in the pharmacy world.
  8. PhaMagic: New, tips and articles about drugs, health and pharmacy.
  9. Skip’s Pharmacist: For news and blogs effecting independent and locally-owned pharmacists, Skip’s blog has a wholesome and earthy feel to it.
  10. FDA News: The Food and Drug Administration is the regulatory body overseeing the pharmaceutical industry. Keeping up with news and updates from the FDA is a must for any pharmacist or would-be pharmacists.
  11. Internet Drug News: This blog is maintain by a research scientist and releases the most current information about studies and drug trials.
  12. BNET Pharma: News and information from a pharma industry insider.
  13. Pharma Live: A blog following information affecting the pharmaceutical industry as a whole.
  14. Fierce Pharma: Interesting info on the business side of Big Pharma.
  15. Pharma’s Cuting Edge: News on the latest updates in drug research.

Drug Companies

Face it, as a pharmacist dealing with drug companies will be a significant part of your life. Here are a few blogs detailing the relationship between pharmacists and the mega-corporations they face on a daily basis.

  1. Drug Rep Toys: Ever notice how doctors and pharmacists always have pens with the names of drugs on them. Beyond drug company-sponsored pen, paper and tissues, there are a host of interesting toys and gadgets offered to pitch a range of products.
  2. Pharma Gossip: News, tidbits and gossip unfiltered from the spin of the big pharmaceutical’s public relations department.
  3. PharmCountry: A blog detailing the highs and lows of working for a big drug company.
  4. How Much Do You Know About Drugs?: This blog is written by a man in a really clean white coat about the latest in drug research and biotechnology.
  5. GlaxoSmithKlineNews : A watchdog blog following the pharmaceutical giant. See behind the curtain and PR department.
  6. Pharmacist’s Place: A blog written with an insider’s eye.
  7. Business Week Pharmaceutical Industry Insider: A great resource for following the inside dirt and latest information from the pharmaceutical giants.
  8. Consumer Reports Prescription Drug Blog: Follow new on drug recalls, new FDA approvals and pretty much anything from the world of Big Pharma.
  9. PharmaMarketingBlog: Not all jobs at drug companies directly involve pharmacists. This blog details the effort required to market big pharma.
  10. NPCi Blog: A blog from the National Prescription Centre, a service of the UK government, discussing new treatments and prescription pain medication.

Blogs About Getting Jobs In The Pharmaceutical Game

As a result of the economic crisis and recession, a number of job in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries have been shuffled around. The jobs are out there but finding them may be a little harder than during the boom years. Here are the best blogs on getting a job in pharmacy.

  1. PharmaCareers: Tips, advice and articles on getting a job in pharmacy. Especially lucrative when many other fields have retracted due to the recession.
  2. Pharmacy Recruiter: Learn how to get a better job in the pharmaceutical industry. Posts about recruiters and available opportunities.
  3. Science Careers Blog: From the prestigious academic journal, Science, this blog discusses the general job market from a variety of science-based industries.
  4. The Pharmacy Job Blogs: Here is a blog specifically focused on getting a job as a pharmacist.
  5. Pharmacist Daily: A blog for the frustrations of unemployed pharmacists.
  6. Pharmacy News Blog: This is a great resource for English students interested in becoming pharmacists. Posts about getting a pharmacy job in the UK.
  7. Career Blog For PhD Research Students: A blog from students at the University of Salford on getting work as a researcher.
  8. Jackie Brown Medical Blog: A blog for the whole health care profession, though its advise and posts for pharmacists are top quality.
  9. Pharmacy Blogg: Information on jobs from across the pharmaceutical industry from scientist to marketing.
  10. Put Pharmacy First: Fast reliable information on pharmacy employment including layoff rumors.
  11. Techs For Rx: The best blog for employment information for pharm techs, which is often ignored by other sites.
  12. Pharmacy Technician Blog: Another blog discussing employment and educational opportunities for techs.

Blogs About Current Issues in Pharmacy

From universal access to ethical standards, pharmacists are forced to contemplate a number of issues affecting their field. These blogs discuss issues as they relate to pharmacy professionals.

  1. The Policy Center: Run by the Center For Health Care Policy, this blog discusses issues effecting pharmaceutical costs.
  2. Health Care For All: A blog discussing the effort to make healthcare and prescription drug costs available to everyone.
  3. Alison Bass: The way drugs are tested is often criticized. This blog details and echoes much of the debate.
  4. Online Canadian Pharmacy: With the cost of medication skyrocketing, a lot of patients are asking about alternatives in other countries. This blog is dedicated to answering questions about the Canadian health system.
  5. Eye On FDA: This blog keeps a watchful over the FDA which has been notoriously susceptible to influence from powerful pharmaceutical lobbyists.
  6. Drug-Injury: Unbelievably frightening side effects result from prescription drugs all the time. This blog chronicles the dangers of prescription drugs on an often unsuspecting public.
  7. Healthy Skepticism: Prescription drugs are a multi-billion dollar business giving drug corporations massive resources for public relations. This blog seeks to look beyond what the companies say to find the real story.
  8. No Prescription Needed: A blog about the numerous drug scams perpetrated on patients in the name of better health.
  9. Health Care Renewal: Despite scientific advances new drugs are still discovered through trial and error. This blog follows developed in medical trials especially as the effect trial subjects.
  10. Medical Consumerism: Run by the University of Minnesota, this blog discuss the intersection of prescription medication and business.
  11. Pharmacy Technician Schools Online: This clever blog includes post with prescription drugs based themes such as “18 Celebrities Who’ve Died from Drug Overdoses.”

Scholarship Blogs For Pharmacy and Science Students

Pharmacists make good money. A decent salary later should never equal debt now. Student loans follow people around for life, even bankruptcy doesn’t make them go away. Here are the best blogs for finding pharmacy and science-based scholarships

  1. Science and Engineering Scholarships and Fellowships Blog: A blog from the American Society of Engineering Education discussing scholarships, fellowships and grants for science students.
  2. Curious Cat Science: This science and engineering blog is active on education policy and particularly vocal on financial help for students.
  3. Scholarship Street: Advice on scholarships with the aim of making the process less painful and more successful.
  4. Science Scholarship: A blog solely focusing on scholarships for science students.
  5. Prestigious Scholarships and Fellowships: This is an extremely useful blog commenting on science fellowships for grad students.
  6. University of Michigan Library Resource Blog: Blogs news and resources available from the Pharmacy Library at the University of Michigan.
  7. Admissions Blog: A blog that mainly focuses on getting admitted to school, it also provides info on getting scholarships.
  8. Google Student Blog: News and updates especially as they relate to students. Great tool for the latest info.
  9. Scholarships:A general resource guide for finding scholarships.
  10. College Scholarships Blog: Tips on writing essay and acing the interview process. Great for entering freshman new to the scholarship process.

Blogs Containing Valuable Study Tips for Pharmacy and Science Students

Learning complicated chemistry and math can be a pain in the… Fortunately, a number of blogs are here to offer invaluable study tips to ease the mind numbing, long hours of study.

  1. Study Hacks: This blog is great for figuring the quick short cuts and cutting study time in half.
  2. Find OUt First: A blog from Ohio University designed to better its students study skills. Still great for all students regardless of school or major.
  3. Study Skills Blog : New, articles and posts on how to best study for any subject from foreign languages to organic chemistry.
  4. How To Study: Learning new concepts can be difficult, even for the extremely intelligent. This blog is dedicated to helping students learn ways to study that’s best suited toward their strengths.
  5. Study Skills for College Students : Offers helpful articles on study skills for college students.
  6. Britannica Blog: From the encyclopedia makers, this blog has unique study tips from information experts.
  7. How To Study Bootcamp: Need to be a better student fast? This blog is dedicated to extreme shortcuts to better grades.
  8. The Good Habits Blog: Dedicated to developing habits to make students more successful, the Good Habits blog is a great place for articles to get your life in order.
  9. Web Applications for Students: A blog about web resources aimed at making students’ lives easier.
  10. Student Council Blogsite: A Swiss univeristy offers this detailed guide to bettering your study habits.

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