The 40 Best Blogs for Crohn’s Support


May 4th, 2011

As an inflammatory bowel disease, Crohn’s isn’t always the most comfortable condition to talk about, even with medical professionals. But those who suffer from Crohn’s need to discuss their disease and experience with others, including other sufferers. These bloggers share their triumphs and pitfalls in Crohn’s and related diseases.

  1. Living with Crohn’s Disease: This Crohn’s disease sufferer discusses the disease and battling Crohn’s as a runner, soccer player, father, husband, and professional.
  2. Journey Through Crohn’s: You can read about one woman’s Crohn’s journey on this blog.
  3. SCD Lifestyle: Read this blog to find out how you can be successful on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet.
  4. The Bright Side of Crohn’s: This woman takes a look at the bright side of kicking Crohn’s disease butt.
  5. In Sickness and In Health: In Sickness and In Health is a great blog for couples deal with illnesses like Crohn’s.
  6. Organically Autoimmune: Organically Autoimmune discusses treating autoimmune diseases with an organic and Specific Carbohydrate Diet.
  7. A Chronic Dose: Read this blog about chronic illness, healthcare, and writing.
  8. Crohn’s Help Now: Find a helping hand for Crohn’s on this blog.
  9. Gluten Free Girl and the Chef: Gluten Free Girl has food, stories, recipes, and tips for eating gluten free.
  10. Dr. David Klein’s Colitis & Crohn’s Health Recovery Center Blog: Dr. David Klein discusses self healing and staying well the natural way.
  11. Know Your Gut: Galina blogs to encourage Crohn’s patients to better understand digestive wellness.
  12. Undercoverostomy: This blogger discusses undergoing an ostomy.
  13. My Crohn’s Disease: William shares his ongoing battle with fibrostenotic Crohn’s disease.
  14. Jpouch Life: Learn about the Jpouch surgery, life without a colon, Crohn’s, and related diseases on this blog.
  15. Stronger Than Crohn’s: Angela is determined to show that she in stronger than Crohn’s disease by participating in races to raise money for the disease.
  16. Crohns TeamChallenger: Find out about the fight against Crohn’s on this blog.
  17. The Digestion Blog: The Digestion Blog shares news and reviews for Crohn’s and related disorders.
  18. Heal Crohn’s Now: This blog discusses how you can heal Crohn’s disease naturally.
  19. Crohn’s Disease Blog: Kelly R. writes to build a Crohn’s community.
  20. The Crohn’s Baby: Rosie was diagnosed with Crohn’s at the tender age of 17, and has now been living with the disease for 10 years.
  21. Advocacy for Patients with Chronic Illness: This blog advocates for chronic patients, including those with Crohn’s.
  22. Adapt Cookbook: This blog covers Crohn’s friendly cooking.
  23. My Crohn’s Disease Journey: Read this blog to find out how to live with Crohn’s.
  24. The Dietary Adventures of Jilluck: Jilluck writes about her experience with Crohn’s and management with the Specific Carbohydrate Diet.
  25. But You Don’t Look Sick: This blog offers a resource for anyone with an “invisible” disease like Crohn’s.
  26. Eating SCD: This blogger is treating Crohn’s with the Specific Carbohydrate Diet.
  27. Crohn’s Lives With Me: On this blog, you’ll read about the personal experiences of a Crohn’s sufferer-and their favorite bathrooms.
  28. The SCD Girl: The SCD Girl shares diet and cooking ideas with all conditions that can benefit from an SCD diet, including Crohn’s.
  29. Awesome Life of Crohnsboy: Crohn’s boy takes a no BS approach to Crohn’s disease.
  30. How We Can’t Eat Anything: This blogger discusses the battle between Crohn’s and her attentions.
  31. A Life of Sugar and Spice: This blogger celebrates not what she can’t eat, but what she can.
  32. No More Crohn’s: Erin discusses following the Specific Carbohydrate Diet on this blog.
  33. Bits & Pieces: Jenni shares the lingering effects from Crohn’s disease on this blog.
  34. Chronically Me: Chronically Me covers life with a chronic illness.
  35. Crohn’s Disease and My Experience: Read this blog about Jason’s experience with Crohn’s disease.
  36. Crohn’s Disease Relief: Read this blog to learn about this woman’s personal story as a person with Crohn’s.
  37. ChronicBabe: ChronicBabe offers an online community for young women with chronic health issues.
  38. Engaged: A Blog on the Bog: See how this blogger negotiates endlessly flaring Crohn’s disease on Engaged.
  39. Crohn’s/IBD News: Check in on this blog to find the latest news for Crohn’s and IBD.
  40. Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America: Check out this blog for updates on Crohn’s and Colitis, and what you can do about it.

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