The Benefits of Online Colleges


July 15th, 2008

With technology and systems changing everyday, online colleges and universities are becoming more widespread and popular.  According to recent surveys, 90% of traditional universities have online classes or plan on adding online curriculums to their offered degree programs.  Aside from technological advances that make online colleges even possible, they cater to a working and/or family orientated individual.  Online colleges and universities offer parents, full time workers, and individuals with other commitments the opportunity to earn a degree while also going about their daily lives.  They also make it possible for students pursuing these degrees to read, study, and take quizzes and exams around their schedule and at their convenience.Through online colleges and universities students are able to earn associate, bachelor, master, and PhD degrees at a number of different universities.  While each degree plan and curriculum is different and take a different amount of time, students are able to work at their own pace and from wherever they want.  Course work and material is accessible to students 24 hours a day, 7 days a week making it easy for students to re read and evaluate lectures and discussions, and study anytime they need to.  Most online classes are set up with online chat rooms and threads made for students to discuss issues and debates related to coursework as well.  Taking classes online also means that students and professors are easily accessible through email and chat which makes debates and group learning less overbearing and uncomfortable.  Tuition rates also generally tend to be lower in online programs and most do not require the use of textbooks, which also reduces costs spent on degree programs.Online colleges offer students the same degrees as traditional schools, while eliminating stress on working and providing and caring for a family.  Generally, employees in most fields that have degrees are in higher pay scales than those that are not, making getting a college degree an important life goal.  In todays world, the fact that students are able to achieve this sort of accomplishment while still living everyday life at their own time and convenience, is highly beneficial.


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