The Next Step in Education- Online Degrees


April 21st, 2009

Online schools and universities are becoming increasingly more popular as more schools are choosing to branch out and offer degree programs that can be completed online. Online schools and universities offers students the opportunity to earn their degrees in the convenience of their own home and at their own times. This is especially helpful to students that have families, full time jobs, and other commitments which hold them back from finishing school or from going back to school. Aside from convenience factors, many schools that offer online education programs also offer many of the same financial aid assistance options that traditional universities offer, making these programs and degrees attainable for people with busy lifestyles.

While many online schools and institutions offer online degrees, it is a common misconception that online degrees are easily attainable and do not provide much credential or worth. However, some professors and students involved and enrolled in these programs argue otherwise. Choosing an accredited college or university is very important and should be an important factor when deciding on schools and programs. With that said, while accredited universities provide convenience for students in terms of class times and pace, they can actually be more demanding work-wise because professors expect to keep students up to date and current with their workloads. Since there is little to no actual instruction time, professors assign plenty of reading, assessment assignments, quizzes and exams.

Another factor commonly weighed in online degrees is whether employers prefer to hire employees with traditional university degrees. According to several studies and surveys, many employers continue to hire candidates with online degrees as long as they are from an accredited university. According to recent statistics, aside from colleges and universities that are specifically offered online only, over 90% of traditional universities also offer or plan to offer online programs to students. Many schools offering degree programs through online learning are nationally recognized universities. The large rate of institutions choosing to offer online degrees shows that online degrees are going to continue to rise and be a popular choice for students with families and jobs.

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