Top 100 Women’s Health Blogs


August 11th, 2008

Blogging opens up a wide community for both the writers and the readers. Blogging about women’s health bonds that community through shared experiences. The following blogs touch on several aspects of women’s health issues ranging from exercise to infertility to life after 40. Check out what these women have to share with you in the blogs listed below.

Nutrition and Special Diets

Touching on healthy ways of eating or special diets such as for those who can’t eat gluten or choose to remove unhealthy ingredients from their diet, the following blogs will inform you about nutritious eating.

  1. Healthy Nutrition Hints and More…. Read about food and nutrition in this blog that highlights food in the news with an emphasis on organics.
  2. Gastro Girl: All Things Digestive. This woman takes a look at food news and comments on it in her blog.
  3. Foodtherapy™. This blog discusses how food, and specifically the kind of food you eat, affects your health and life.
  4. Feed the Soul Nutrition Blog. With posts ranging from fresh vegetables to eating healthy on a tight budget, this blog will help you find a way to eat more healthily.
  5. Fear and Loathing in the Kitchen. With experience on various types of health diets including gluten and dairy-free, this blogger offers suggestions, news, and more on how eating wholesome food can help you lose weight as well as allow you to enjoy food and yourself.
  6. Foodielicious. Blogging about fresh produce and the benefits of cooking and eating this way, this woman will leave your mouth watering.
  7. Grow. Food. Love. This woman blogs about gardening and the food she prepares as a form of mental health for herself and nutritional health for her readers.
  8. A Gluten Free Guide. Written by a woman with Celiac disease, this blog offers recipes, suggestions for restaurants, and more for those eating gluten-free. She includes some great photos, too.
  9. A Life Less Sweet. This woman blogs about her family’s experience following a diet without high fructose corn syrup and includes recommendations for food as well as news on health issues and high fructose corn syrup.
  10. Almost Vegetarian. Follow along with this woman as she chronicles her adventures of eating healthy and mostly vegetarian–and taking her husband along for the ride.
  11. Bueller’s Kitchen. This blog highlights raw/living food as the woman who writes it shares her experience of overcoming health issues by following this way of eating.


From yoga to getting fit through exercise, these blogs will guide you to better health.

  1. Yoga Journey/Yoga for Health and Joy in Life. Get everything yoga here from poses to news to help with specific health issues.
  2. Athleta Chi. With a focus on athletics and adventure, this blog serves as an inspiration for women on the go.
  3. Fit Bottomed Girls. These two women blog about fitness on this fun blog.
  4. A Dumbbell in a Home Gym. This woman blogs about incorporating exercise into her life with a goal to weight loss and better physical health.
  5. Every Gym’s Nightmare. Written by a woman who is a fitness trainer and ex-bulimic, this blog will help you find healthy ways to care for your body through exercise.
  6. Fitness Cure. Heavy on the motivation, this blogger writes about staying fit through exercise. She recently disclosed that she is pregnant, so look for more posts on staying fit during pregnancy.
  7. Food, Fitness, Fashion. This blog focuses heavily on fitness through exercise and includes posts on such activities as yoga and belly dancing. Looking fashionably fit also finds its place here.
  8. Catapult Fitness. Focusing on fitness and nutrition, this blog strives to help you lead a healthier life.
  9. Look, a fitness blog!. While this woman blogs about maintaining her weight goal with healthy eating and exercise, there is a strong emphasis on exercise, especially running, since she has begun training for a 5k race.
  10. A Marathon Leap. Follow this woman’s experience with running as she begins training and running in marathons as a “non-runner.”


For women struggling with infertility, the road can be long and difficult. Sharing these women’s experiences can make dealing with it all a little more bearable.

  1. living a new life with infertility. This blog about the trials and tribulations of infertility also focuses on life and knitting; wonderful metaphors for the experience of infertility.
  2. Baby or Bust. Follow the adventures of Brandi and Shelton as they raise money for their In Vitro procedure to help them start a family.
  3. Jenny from the Infertility Block. This step mom goes on a journey for a baby and writes about her infertility and fertility treatments.
  4. Busted Babymaker. This woman writes about her infertility and loss of 23 week twins.
  5. babyfruit: the miscarriage blog and motherhood diaries. Started while this woman was experiencing miscarriages, gather inspiration from this blog as the writer moves through to pregnancy and motherhood.
  6. Fertility Musing, Questions & Answers and News. This blog is written by a mother of six who experienced infertility and finally achieved her dreams of a family through fertility treatments.
  7. Infertility Drama. This woman blogs about her infertility, fertility treatment, pregnancy losses, and her current pregnancy on this blog.
  8. Coming2Terms. Follow the globetrotting exploits of this woman as she lives the life of infertility “in a fertile world.”
  9. Lost and Found and Connections Abound. This is the ultimate blog for those dealing with infertility. This blog keeps those active in the infertility blog world connected and in the know with what is happening on the various blogs.


Pregnancy is an exciting time for most women and can also be full of unknowns. Learn from these women who share what they went through in their blogs.

  1. Notes from the Nursery. This blog offers the latest news and information on pregnancy as well as baby products brought to you by
  2. Kristie McNealy, MD. Written by a medical professional, this blog offers news and updates on women’s health, pregnancy, childbirth, and child wellness.
  3. Let’s Talk Babies. This blog touches on the early signs of pregnancy to parenting tips and everything in between.
  4. The Fun Times Guide to Pregnancy. This blog touches on all sorts of helpful topics such as what not to buy for your nursery, fun online pregnancy tools, and interesting pregnancy gadgets.
  5. Day By Day Pregnancy. This blog offers the basics on pregnancy with daily updates.
  6. Mission: Impossible (or adventures in infertility, pregnancy…parenting?). Title of this blog says it all, except that the blogger just gave birth to twins, so the parenting part is about to kick in.
  7. Barely Pregnant. Follow the second pregnancy of this woman who has gone through infertility, fertility treatments, and loss during pregnancy.
  8. Child-bearing Hips. Read this woman’s blog as she chronicles her pregnancy journey.
  9. Motherhood Uncensored. This mother of two with one on the way writes an entertaining and popular blog.

Childbirth and Breastfeeding

The curiosity and feeling of going through the unknown doesn’t end after your pregnancy. These blogs discuss childbirth and breastfeeding.

  1. Have a Natural Childbirth. This blog includes amazing natural birth stories, posts by midwives and doulas, and more.
  2. Natural Childbirth for the “Hip Chick”. This experience mama talks about childbirth and the newborn on this blog.
  3. Birth Ecology Project. Dedicated to gentle birth, midwives, doulas, and sustainable living, the posts on this blog will uplift and inspire you.
  4. Black Breastfeeding Blog. For black women who are breastfeed or expect to in the future, this blog offers information as well as the history of breastfeeding.
  5. The Lactivist. Read about breastfeeding, parenting, and more at this blog.
  6. BreastfeedingMums Blog. Out of the U.K., this blogger writes about breastfeeding, health, and nutrition.
  7. Mama Knows Breast. Learn about breastfeeding topics, get the latest in the news about breastfeeding, and learn about other breastfeeding blogs at this woman’s blog.
  8. The Beautiful Letdown. This mom writes about breastfeeding–and tandem nursing in particular.
  9. Breastfeeding123. Get tips, news, and support on breastfeeding from this experienced mother of three and breastfeeding counselor.

Weight Loss

These women share their ups and downs as they deal with their weight loss experiences and blog about it.

  1. Alycat’s Claws My WW Journey. This woman posts about her experiences with WeightWatchers and weight loss in general.
  2. Ranaesheart Weight Loss Blog. This woman lost 143 lbs. in a healthful way and now blogs to share how you can lose weight and maintain your health.
  3. The Amazing Adventures of Diet Girl. Get recipes, fitness, inspiration and more from this blogger who lost over 175 lbs. and continues her healthy lifestyle.
  4. DietDiva. Follow this woman’s diet journey as she tries to lose weight while trying to eat less prepackaged food and go a more natural route.
  5. Angry Fat Girlz. This collaborative blog written by six women exploring the world of weight loss and living life with a few extra pounds.
  6. Do you have an Extra Large in this?. Follow the Marshmallow as she chronicles her weight loss adventures of eating, exercise, and online support.
  7. Fat Girl Camp. This blog offers the ups and downs of life with fun side trips to pups, politics, and more.
  8. Half of Me. Almost 200 lbs. lighter and still keeping it off, this blogger offers hope and support to those struggling with weight loss.
  9. lose the buddha. Combining healthy eating and exercise with living a better life, this blogger writes about her weight loss experiences.
  10. The Shrinking Knitter. With topics hitting on weight loss, knitting, and politics, you’ll stay entertained and informed with this blog.

Health Challenges

From breast cancer to chronic pain to migraines, these blogs provide knowledge and support on a wide variety of women’s health issues.

  1. Keep Working, Girlfriend. This blog offers support to working women dealing with chronic illness–specifically autoimmune diseases.
  2. Beating Breast Cancer. Written by a husband and wife team–he’s a doctor and she’s a nurse–who went through her diagnosis of breast cancer in 2006, this blog offers tons of information and medical news.
  3. Bomb in My Belly. This young woman writes about life and cancer as she chronicles her experiences with ovarian cancer and her mother’s breast cancer.
  4. A Medical Mystery. Written by a young woman who lives with Multiple Hereditary Exotoses, this blog offers an insightful view on living with a lifelong illness and still living life.
  5. Buoy for Perinatal Blues & Beyond. This blog is a wonderful source of support for women suffering from PPD and their families.
  6. The Greatest Gift Foundation’s Blog. This blog is about helping find solutions for health issues by offering support to living organ donors.
  7. Chronic Pain Today. Written by someone suffering with chronic pain to offer support and solutions to other, this blog offers everything from clinical trials to freebies.
  8. Offering support to younger women who suffer from chronic illnesses, this blog is upbeat, supportive, and fun.
  9. Food Allergy Buzz. Find the latest news and research on food allergies with this woman’s blog.
  10. Free my Brain from Migraine Pain. From the silly to the spiritual, this blog offers support and resources to those suffering from migraines.

Fit and Healthy over Forty

Become inspired by these women who don’t let age define their lifestyle as they lead active and fulfilling lives.

  1. Fit and Fabulous at Forty the natural way. Follow along as this forty-something woman keeps herself fit and healthy through good eating, physical activity and more.
  2. Fabulously 40 & Beyond. This collaborative blog offers inspiration for women over forty to begin living for themselves and find their happiness.
  3. A Greener Tea. Get recipes, motivation, inspiration and more on this blog devoted to supporting healthy and strong women over 35.
  4. Bikinis and Bifocals. This blog offers a positive and empowering look at women with articles ranging from menopause to inspirational women.
  5. Leona Gets Fit. Follow the journey of this 41 year-old mom as she loses weight and gets fit.
  6. Fab Fit and 40. This woman is chronicling her goal of losing 50 lbs. in one year to honor her turning 40 on the goal date.
  7. Fabulous @ 50. Similar to the previous blog, this woman has given herself a goal of losing 200 lbs. prior to her 50th birthday and has already lost almost 63 lbs.
  8. Growing Older, Sexier, and Skinnier. This self-described post-menopausal woman blogs her way through weight loss and feeling good about her life as she ages.
  9. Flashfree. As the subtitle reads, this blog is “not your mama’s menopause” and offers great solutions and news on the latest in menopause research.
  10. Grow Older Better. This woman blogs on “older” topics such as active 90 year-olds, exercise and aging, and medical care for retired folks.

Physical Well-Being

All of these blogs focus on how women can become physically healthier with better living, exercise, nutrition, and more.

  1. The WELLalarm. These three women post about such topics as eating out, healthy sun screen, and yoga with an emphasis on staying physically well.
  2. Fitness-Health-Nutrition. Written by a mom, this blog looks at wellness through better nutrition and fitness with an emphasis on both women and children.
  3. Catherine Morgan’s Blog at BlogHer. Catherine posts on a variety of health topics including how the high price of gasoline impacts health, dieting and vacation, and recent food-borne illness outbreaks.
  4. Active Women. This collaborative blog celebrates women and their active lifestyles with an emphasis on globe-trotting adventures.
  5. This blog brings the latest news and information from the world of beauty, skin care, and wellness from real people, not advertisers.
  6. Wellness Bites. Find the latest news and research in all natural health, wellness, and beauty with this blog.
  7. Balanced Health and Nutrition. Get the latest news, and a bit of opinion, on healthy eating, exercise, and living.
  8. Eve’s Health & Fitness. Find exercise, nutrition, and diet information on this blog designed to help you become healthier.
  9. Fit and Healthy in the Valley. Living in Hollywood surrounded by so many living an unhealthy lifestyle, this blogger stands out from her peers as a woman trying to achieve well-being through healthy living.
  10. The Active Life. Follow this blog for posts inspiring women and their children to stay active, fit, and healthy.
  11. Fit for Adventure. Follow this woman’s progress as she gets fit so she can enjoy the kind of life she wants to live full of outdoor adventures.
  12. Fit on a Budget. Who couldn’t love a blog that incorporates fitness, nutrition, and freebie (or at least cheapies)?

Mental Well-Being

Staying healthy mentally is as important as physical health and these women’s blogs offer tips and inspiration to do just that.

  1. BeThree. Read this blog from the hip site that helps you find the best balance between body, mind, and soul.
  2. Rituals to Invite Balance and Well-being. This blog is a compilation of reader-submitted rituals that help maintain their well being. Feel free to add your own to the blog.
  3. A Highly Sensitive Woman’s New Perspective on Mental Illness. This woman blogs about her journey to mental health including her experience with medications.
  4. A Woman’s Guide to Saner Living. Follow this blog for tips and inspiration to help you live a more fulfilling life through a shift in perspective and thoughtful choices.
  5. Sally Huss–Addicted to Happiness. This inspirational blog offers reminders on the beauty of life and how to stay in your happiness zone.
  6. Are You “Eating with Your Anorexic?”. Written by a mom who is working to dispel myths and teach families how to overcome eating disorders, this author “thinks parents deserve to know that EDs are brain disorders and that parents really can be part of the solution.”
  7. BwhoUR. Be inspired by the posts of this woman who went from “life in the Fast Lane” to life on a cattle farm in Texas.
  8. Beach Walks with Rox. Join Roxanne and her dog for fun and inspiration on this video blog as they take daily walks on the beach in Hawaii.
  9. Becoming Your StellarSelf. Become inspired at finding the best you with this blog that focuses on improving your quality of life through better living.
  10. Between Us Girls. Find life lessons to help you grow into the person you seek to be.

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