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July 22nd, 2008

Homeopathy, a controversial form of holistic healing that uses very diluted forms of natural elements to cure ailments and diseases, is catching on in the alternative medicine world and through online health blogs. The following list of homeopathy blogs explain the processes and remedies associated with homeopathy, share news and research study findings that affect homeopathic treatments, and give information on holistic healing in general.

Explaining and Discovering Homeopathy

Get an overview of homeopathic practices, treatments, education and philosophies by reading these blogs.

  1. Homeopathy4Health: Myths about homeopathy are debunked on this website
  2. Goodscience Weblog: This blog goes into detail about how science and homeopathy are interrelated in an effort to prove the effectiveness of homeopathy treatments.
  3. Sue Young Homeopathy: This London writer and homeopath explains homeopathy by relating it to the works and philosophies of different writers, scientists, physicians and scholars.
  4. Interhomeopathy: This international blog and journal has been fostering discussion and sharing remedies for almost two years.
  5. Homeopathy – A New Approach: Posts feature online seminars, an encyclopedia for homeopathic terms, health studies and more.
  6. Recent posts on this blog include “Classical Homeopathy versus Modern Homeopathy” and the two-part series “Homeopathy:Proven Medicine or a Placebo,” which discusses one of the criticisms of homeopathy.
  7. Glenn Ellis’ Homeopathic Health Blog: Glenn Ellis’ blog appears on the RealHeatlh The Black Wellness Magazine website. Here, he talks about effective remedies and general homeopathic philosophies.
  8. Jo Rodes Homeopathy: Jo Rhodes is a scientist “dedicated to all things homeopathic.” Read his blog to find out how health insurance companies view homeopathic treatments, homeopathy around the world and more.
  9. Homeopathy: Read the guide to homeopathy and then browse posts that discuss homeopathic healing, social and scientific acceptance of homeopathy, and more.

Homeopathy News

Catch up on news, scientific studies and trends in homeopathy here.

  1. Laughing My Socks Off: Here, you can read about science and health news, especially stories and studies related to homeopathy.
  2. PhoenixHomeopathy Blog: This blog’s mission is to inspire and help “you transform your health.” Posts discuss homeopathy in popular culture and various homeopathy treatments.
  3. Minimum Homeopathy Blog: Get reviews of homeopathy books and CDs on this blog, as well as analysis of homeopathy and health news.
  4. This “complete homeopathy portal” features a seminar on homeopathy, photo gallery, research studies, book reviews and a lot more.
  5. Holistic Health Living Blog: Get holistic health news, read articles about holistic living and view photos of massage and exercise routines that can help your mental and physical body heal.
  6. Homeopathy News: Get “tips for a healthy life” from this blog, which also covers news and updates in the homeopathy sector.
  7. DocRoberts Holistic Health Blog: News stories and holistic health tips are archived in the following categories on this site: men’s health, diabetes, cancer, low back pain, headache, neck pain, and others.
  8. Vibrant Glow: Be sure to check out this stylish news blog that also provides “tips for holistic health and radiant beauty.”
  9. Natural Health News: This blogger shuns the effectiveness of traditional, scientific medicines and is an advocate for natural healing.
  10. Natural Health and Organic Living Blog: The posts on this site analyze health studies and organic living news to share information about natural health and remedies.
  11. Up Date News on Homeopathic and Alternative Medicines: This blog shares all of the news coming out of the homeopathic medical and educational worlds, including international conferences.

Remedies and Treatments

For lists of remedies, treatments, and information about natural elements that help the healing process, click through this list of blogs.

  1. Freetochoosehealth’s Weblog: This blog gives particular attention to homeopathy as a non-addictive way to treat diseases and ailments. Recent posts include “Sensible Homeopathy’ and “Homeopathy Defined — Protect Your Right to Health Freedom.”
  2. Homeopathy Heals You Blog: This blog is all about “the homeopathic healing journey” and has information about vaccines, what to expect when you first try homeopathy, and various treatments.
  3. RemedyReality’s Weblog: Find practitioners and discover how homeopathic treatments work by reading this blog.
  4. 4minnie’s Weblog: 4minnie’s post about “safe and effective healthcare with homeopathy” explains how this healing process works.
  5. Homeopathic Elements Weblog: This blogger goes over each scientific element and how it is used in the homeopathic healing processes.
  6. Homeopathy for Women Blog: Learn about the homeopathic lifestyle and different cures on this women’s website.
  7. homeopathy: Find out which elements and remedies work at different times of the year and for different ailments.
  8. Modern Homeopathic Blog: This website discusses treatments and remedies used with a topical Ibuprofen cream and provides information on various homeopathic processes.
  9. Kitchen Table Healing: Sue Geller is a certified classical homeopath and blogs about scientific studies, her own journey with homeopathy, and natural healing ingredients and elements.
  10. Herbal Household Remedies: Get recipes, learn how to grow your own herbs, and look up ingredients on this natural healing blog.

Homeopathy and Alternative Medicine

Turn to these blogs to learn how homeopathy and alternative medicine can offer natural, gentle cures.

  1. Vital Patterns: A software developer and professional homeopath writes this blog to discuss science vs. scientism, and alternative medicine and homeopathy.
  2. Dr. Joe’s Natural Medicine: Dr. Joe gives special consideration to homeopathy in his natural medicine blog.
  3. The C.A.M. Report: Read about complementary and alternative medicine treatments and news on this site, which gives “fair, balanced, and to-the-point” analysis.
  4. Natural Health Remedies: From diet recommendations to finding natural sources of healing vitamins and minerals, this natural living blog incorporates many of the same philosophies as homeopathy.
  5. Natural Health: This blog is all about natural health, alternative medicine and homeopathic treatments. Look up natural vitamins and minerals and browse categories like holistic health, homeopathic remedies, and natural health news.
  6. Homeopathic 365: Get information on homeopathic remedies and treatment, news, and more on this site.
  7. Alternative Medicine Zone: This blog “covers a wide variety of issues related to alternative medicine” and strives to debunk common myths about CAM.
  8. Your Alternative Health Medicine Blog: Learn about different types of alt medicine here, including natural treatments for acne and internal cleansers.
  9. Alternative Medicine Blog: From chronic fatigue to vitamin C, this blog focuses on natural remedies and alternative medical treatments to boost your energy and cure your ailments.
  10. The Natural Cures Blog: Just like homeopathy, this natural cures blog believes that traditional medicines and vaccines can be more harmful than helpful to your body.

Homeopathy Philosophy

Read about holistic healing, natural medicines and other homeopathic principles when you check out these blogs.

  1. Aspiration of the Soul: This blogger considers how poetry, science, nature and homeopathy unlock “the hidden secrets of the universe.”
  2. Natural Holistic Health Blog: Get reviews of health foods, natural health remedies and more on this site that shares many viewpoints with homeopaths.
  3. Primal Mommies: This blog and network encourages natural child rearing, including avoiding vaccines and natural medical treatments.
  4. Natural Health From Answers for Your Health: Browse posts like “Marketing the Miracle Cure” and “Healing Herbs” to learn more about natural health news and remedies.
  5. Live Life…Organics and Your Health: While not all homeopaths follow an organic lifestyle, the philosophy of pure, natural living is similar.
  6. Jentle Earth Healing: Homeopathy is all about gentle healing, and this blog features natural health news and information.
  7. Revitalize Your Health: Continue learning about natural supplements that are good for your health and natural healing processes here.

Blogs from the Experts

Find advice and information from experts in the field of homeopathy in these informative blogs.

  1. Healing from the Inside Out: Blogger Pam Pappas is also a psychiatry and homeopathy specialist. Read her blog for analysis on society, health and wellness, and popular treatments.
  2. “LIFECARE” Advanced Homeopathy: Dr. Mukhtar Ahmad is a homeopathic consultant physician at the “LIFECARE” Advanced Homeo Clinic & Research Centre in India. Read his blog to find seminars on homeopathy, as well as how homeopathy is an effective method for treating diseases like HIV.
  3. Ask Dr. Luc: Dr. Luc De Schepper doles out advice and tips for homeopathic treatments. Recent posts include “Time to see remedy working” and “Pregnancy morning sickness.”

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